Two Year Olds ( Rainforest Room )

Emphasis is placed on social interaction, age appropriate activities and themes that are fun and stimulating. The students learn to identify letters, numbers, colors and shapes. They develop their fine motor skills with crayons, paints, puzzles, blocks and various art activities. Value is placed on a daily positive experience. Our schedule is flexible while maintaining general classroom routines and rituals.


Toilet Training
We work along with the parents to assist the children to gain the important skill of toileting independently.

We make potty training not only as pleasant as possible but fun for the children. Your child will be encouraged to use the toilet whenever he/she shows interest. We strive for all of our children’s diapering and toilet experiences to be positive ones, therefore, we do not use bribes, threats, or shaming to achieve bladder control, nor will any child be forced or intimidated into using the toilet.

We help the child celebrate the toughest thing they will ever learn in life. This process takes emotional, social, mental processing and great physical skills to accomplish. And we acknowledge all of the effort moms and dads have to put into this new accomplishment.