Three and Four Year Olds ( Safari Room )

The program for our three and four year old classes is based on a specialized thematic curriculum. It is used to determine what is developmentally appropriate to direct children to the next level of learning. The Creative Curriculum has been developed to meet the needs of this energetic group. The learning is planned to be realistic, attainable, fun and to build curiosity. We aim to have our 3′sand 4’s say the alphabet, identify upper and lower case letters and know their sounds. Our 3’s and 4’s count, write numbers, recognize basic geometric shapes, and place objects in size, order containing letters, shapes, colors and numbers. They are encouraged to recognize colors and their names in print. Our Handwriting program assists in the development of their writing and fine motor skills. Our curriculum considers the different developmental levels and needs of each child. A mixture of group and individual activities combine to create an inviting and exciting classroom environment. Our goal is to make each preschool day a successful and positive experience for each child.

To develop the theme the teachers plan together and “web’ the theme so that they integrate:

  • Math
  • Language
  • Art
  • Music
  • Culture
  • Large and small motor skills
  • Literacy

The curriculum provides safe and healthy learning that is appropriate to the children’s developmental level. It is planned to be socially relevant, mentally engaging, and meaningful to the child.

Our preschool activities build on what the child already knows and support the child to the next level of achievement. It provides knowledge, understanding, and processes for the learning, skill building, and encourages life-long learning